3. Preparing your incorporation file for the Trade Registry to register your company in Romania


We will prepare all the documents we need to register within the incorporation file, including here the company's articles of association, the headquarter proof, the statements and affidavits from the founders and also the ultimate beneficial owner and will submit them to the Romanian Trade Registry for the company registration process to be final.


It will not be needed the notary or the translator, all the documents being prepared in the bilingual form, both in English and Romanian, so as your company to be registered as quickly as possible.


After all the documents are signed, we shall submit the incorporation file to the Trade Registry and your company should be incorporated in 3 days.





2. Verification of your company name availability and reservation. Register an unique company name in Romania


This process will be carried out electronically with the Romanian Trade Registry, for the desired names you indicate us to be held by the Romanian company. Remember: the name of the company you want to register in Romania must be unique.


Your company name should be as authentic and specific as possible, in order to avoid similarities and confusion with other already registered companies. Your company’s name doesn’t necessarily need to be exactly your commercial name or trademark, but it is advisable to be as similar as possible, as long it will be mentioned in your corporate documents, invoices or agreements you’ll sign.


After the Romanian Trade Registry confirms us that the company name is available for reservation, we will book it for 30 days and during this period it can not be reserved anymore and then we proceed to register the company in Romania.




1. Choose the type of the company you want to register in Romania


After you have decided to start a business in Romania, first of all you need to decide what kind of company you want to register, the most common choices being between a limited liability company or microenterprise - LLC (in Romanian: societate cu răspundere limitată / microîntreprindere - SRL), a joint stock company (in Romanian: societate pe acțiuni - SA) or just an authorized natural person to perform commercial activities (in Romanian: persoană fizică autorizată - PFA).


We present a brief description on the advantages limited liability company registration in Romania (LLC), this one being definitely the most frequent kind of entity chosen by most of our clients to register, the investors and entrepreneurs:

  • taxes are the lowest in EU; starting with 2024, according to the Law no. 296/2023, the tax will be 1% on the income for the Romanian companies whose turnover does not exceed EUR 60,000 and 3% for the rest;

  • the limited liability registered company may have up to 50 shareholders, individuals or legal persons, national or foreigners; is not necessary to have a Romanian shareholder or director;

  • the liability of the shareholders and directors is limited in the Romanian limited liability company SRL duly registered in our country;

  • you have almost unlimited choice of business activities you can perform on the company registered in Romania;

  • the setup costs for company registration in Romania are insignificant;

  • the incorporation process is very fast, the company being registered in just 3 days. So, register company in Romania has never been more easy


How to register a company in Romania in 2024?


Step by step, the process of company incorporation in Romania, for a smooth business start process. Let our proficient lawyers register company in Romania for you and say goodbye to the hassle of company registration bureaucracy. Romanian Advocacy - your lawyer in Romania


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