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27 August 2023

Set up your company in Romania. Company formation in Romania

Maximizing Tax Benefits: Company formation in Romania with 1% Income Tax | Discover the advantages of establishing your company in Romania. With a mere 1% income tax rate | you can save substantial amount of your profits, increase your profitability, but it also provides a solid foundation for your business to thrive | Take advantage of Romania's business-friendly environment and enjoy the benefits of significant tax savings, allowing you to propel your company towards unprecedented success


Company formation in Romania essential tips and tricks


Unlock the potential of your business by setting up in Romania. With an incredibly low income tax rate of only 1%, you can save a significant portion of your profits. This advantageous tax structure allows you to maximize your earnings and propel your company towards greater success. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to boost your profits and secure a brighter future for your business with company formation in Romania.


The company incorporation process in Romania requires many mandatory acts that can affect your business itself. Providing professional legal assistance during every stage of the company set up guarantees you optimum results. Formation of a company in Romania and moving your business here is the perfect decision, due to the low taxes -  1% of the turnover and 8% dividend tax for your Romanian limited liability company LLC, Romania being one of the lowest taxes in the European Union.


With dozens of companies incorporated for our foreign clients, our lawyers provide the optimal option to set up your Romanian company at the lowest fees.


The main advantages of proceeding to a company formation in Romania with Romanian Advocacy lawyers are:


1. No notary public required during your company formation. We will take care of everything.


2. Your presence in Romania is not necessary for the full company formation process. 


3. We shall provide you the headquarter of the company, at our premises, so your mail correspondence will be on our side and it will be immediately forwarded to you.


4. The formation process shall be carried out only via e-mail and the incorporation documents will be delivered to your once the company is ready.


We shall draft and submit you all the necessary documents, in bilingual English and Romanian form, so that you can have the control of everything.


5. We provide also other necessary services for your company management and compliance with the Romanian legislation, such as company address and headquarter, accounting services, legal services and many others.


The steps of your company formation in Romania are:


1. Reservation of the company's name;


2. Drafting of the Articles of Association and statements of the shareholders and directors;


3. Setting up the headquarter of your company.


4. Registration of the setting up application form and submitting it to the Romanian Trade Registry


5. Obtaining the company certificate of incorporation and the VAT registration number.


Establishing a business in Romania can lead to significant financial benefits. With the income tax rate of just 1% on the company turnover, companies can save a substantial amount of their profits. This favorable tax environment provides an excellent opportunity to boost your business's financial growth and increase your overall profitability.


Save on taxes and maximize your profits by starting a company in Romania, where the income tax rate is only 1%.


For more info, please see the section here ”Why should I choose company registration in Romania?”, where we expose 10 quick facts useful info for you to consider formation a company in Romania


Our lawyers provide all your necessary support for the proceedings in Romania regarding set up and formation of your company.


Feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at +40 723 77 37 59. You can also use the contact form on our website at Remember, your business, our mission.


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