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01 December 2023

Residence permit in Romania

How to obtain the residence permit in Romania? When the right of residence is necessary to be obtained? Everything you need to know about long time residency in Romania and Romania residence permit?


Obtaining easy residence permit in Romania


If you want to be authorized to stay legally in Romania for more than 90 days, any foreigner must obtain a Romania residence permit or a residency permit. But before you submit the application for the Romania residence permit, you need to accomplish several legal requirements, the most important being that you are already present in Romania. Our blog newsletter guides you on this immigration issue, answering to many essential questions, like: 1. when you can apply for long time residence permit in Romania?; 2. how a foreigner can apply for a residence permit to stay on a long run in Romania?; 3. How you can get the Romania residence permit and the legal requirements? Can the residence permit be extended?


Who need the Romania residence permit?


Once you've decided to settle in Romania and stay more than 90 days, an important aspect to consider is how to obtain access to Romanian territory and obtain the residency right in order to initiate and manage your company's activities or simply to work as an employee. Although it might seem complex at first glance, simple workers, foreign investors and entrepreneurs, other than citizens and residents of EU member states, can obtain the residency right in Romania.


How to obtain the right of residence in Romania?


Below, we present the ways in which this residency right can be obtained:


a) Obtaining residency for business purposes - this is a way to acquire legal residency in Romania primarily aimed at investors seeking to make a significant investment in a Romanian company.


To obtain the residency right, the foreign investor must obtain a specialized technical approval from the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism. This approval can be acquired by demonstrating that the foreign investor has a business plan to implement in Romania and intends to make a minimum investment of EUR 100,000.


b) Obtaining residency as the director of a Romanian company - according to legislation, any foreign citizen holding the position of director in a Romanian company can obtain residency in Romania. This residency is granted to manage and lead a business in Romania.


To obtain such residency rights, the applicant must hold the position of director within the company, not have been a shareholder of the company in the last 2 years, be the sole foreign individual within the company to obtain such right, and the company must have made a minimum investment of 50,000 euros or a technology transfer.


c) Obtaining residency for work purposes - acquiring this residency right is the easiest way for a foreigner to come and stay in Romania, as it is not conditioned by making any investments.


Hence, any foreigner desiring residency in Romania can obtain it by being employed by a Romanian company.


Can the Romania residence permit be extended?


The Romanian residence permit may be extended if you apply for its prolongation at the local office of the General Inspectorate for Immigration at least three months before expiry of your current permit.


Duration of residence permit


The duration of the Romania residence permit is 5 years and 10 years for the family members of Romanian citizens.


We understand that bureaucracy and legal formalities specified by legislation pose a real barrier for foreign investors starting a business in Romania. However, with proper legal assistance from professionals with expertise, things become more straightforward and accessible to everyone. Count on Romanian Advocacy to obtain the necessary support in regulating your residency right in Romania.


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