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24 septembrie 2023

The headquarter of your company in Romania

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Each company registered in Romania need to be headquartered and have an address in Romania, where the all correspondence will be received. So, the registered headquarter is mandatory when setting up a company according to the Romanian Companies law no. 31/1990. 


But finding the headquarter is not such difficult considering that the registered office may be located in any real estate property, by the conclusion, between the newly incorporated company representative and owner of the building or event lessee, of an agreement providing expressly that the premises are used also for setting the company headquarter there and its registration with the Trade Registry.


This document will be submitted within the company incorporation file. To read more about what documents the company incorporation file contains, please access our blog article 5 steps for setting up a company in Romania.


So, the company headquarter may be registered with the Trade Registry based even on a sale-purchase agreement providing that the company is the owner of the premises (and in this capacity has the right to set its headquarter there) or a lease agreement concluded between the lessor - as the landlord and the newly incorporated company - as lessee, or even based on a bailment agreement, where the bailor - as the landlord or another lessee transfers the use of the immovable assets free of charge to the company - as the bailee.


Another option for contracting very easily the headquarter hosting, which also represents the most used in practice, represents establishing it at a law office or a law company,  according to the Companies law no. 31/1990 and Law no 51/1995 for the organization and exercise of the legal profession, bearing in mind that:

  • the headquarter may be established temporarily at the lawyer's premises for a determined period, not exceeding one year;

  • this headquarter at the lawyer's premises can be used only as mail address, exclusively to receive company correspondence; so, the headquarter at the lawyer office is not a place where company's object of activity can be carried out (to perform company's activity), but is a place for receiving correspondence by the lawyer, who will submit it to the authorized persons within the newly incorporated company.

  • it involves signing a different legal assistance agreement expressly for this task;

  • it involves significant lower costs and a simplified procedure with the Romanian Trade Registry for its registration/


The registration of the headquarter is verified not only by the Trade Registry, but also by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF). 


ROMANIAN ADVOCACY recommends contracting legal and corporate legal services from a lawyer specialized in commercial law and registration at the Romanian Trade Registry who may temporarily host the headquarter of your company in Romania, who is able to receive mail and correspondence and who can also provide legal assistance and consultancy services in the procedure of company incorporation in Romania and also in changing the headquarter of the company in Romania.


Our lawyers specialized in commercial law and corporate matters are at your disposal with any additional information related to obtaining a registered headquarter for your company, as well as providing hosting services for the registered office at our premises.


Besides the legal services consisting in company incorporation in Romania, we can also help you with the headquarter establishment for your company. Contact us using the form here.


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